GreenWorx Holding N.V. (GWXH)

GreenWorx Holding N.V. is based in Gooik, about 20 km West of Brussels, Belgium, Europe. GreenWorx Holding nv is holding the shares of Greenworx Developments Ltd and it is also holding shares of special purpose holdings (SPH) and special purpose companies (SPC).



Zelena N.V.

Greenworx Holding N.V. has a significant participation in Zelena N.V. which is a Belgium based special purpose holding company (SPH) owning 100% of the shares of the Serbian based special purpose company Energo-Zelena doo. Energo-Zelena is specialised in the collection and the treatment of slaughterhouse waste. This project was initiated and co-developed by GreenWorx Holding nv.




At present, several wind and solar projects are under development in Eastern Europe, Pakistan and South Africa.

Successful exit was realised on two large scale wind farm developments (each > 100 MW installed capacity).